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Stake your CFX in Conflux PoS to help improve the network's finality and earn PoS rewards

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Genesis NFT:
Stake Rules:
  • The Stake/Unstake CFX amount must be multiple of 1000
  • From Conflux hardfork v2.2 (2022.11.17), the lock period of Stake is 13 day, Unstake is 1 day
  • The reward will updated every hour
  • The reward can be claimed any time
VIP Rules:
  • VIP0. Staked CFX 0-10k, performance fee 6%
  • VIP1. Staked CFX 10k-50k, performance fee 5%
  • VIP2. Staked CFX 50k-100k, performance fee 4%
  • VIP3. Staked CFX 100k-1000k, performance fee 3%
  • VIP4. Staked CFX > 1000k, performance fee 2%
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